In winter, our SportMixer hire service offers ski and snowboard equipment fully comparable to Alpine countries but at low prices. We offer carving skis from top new models and sports skis to skis for beginners.  We advise beginners and parents on what ski or snowboard equipment they should hire. In summer, we offer mountain bikes, scooters and e-bikes for both individuals and large groups. We also offer downhill mountain bikes which can be used around Špindlerův Mlýn and Herlíkovice. Our hire service shops are located in the Krkonoše Mountains and by Máchovo jezero (Mácha Lake).

We fully organise and ensure sports events, team building events and activities for sports agencies as well as private events. We provide programmes for sports teams, schools and companies. We specialise in ski and bike hire service for large sports events throughout the Czech Republic.

You can hire bikes right in our hire service shops or we can deliver them to an agreed-upon location. We believe that the SportMixer price offer will allow you to save considerable cost on your activities and will appeal to you.

We collaborate with a number of hotels and pensions in the Krkonoše Mountain and near Máchovo jezero. We will help you find the right hotel or pension to which we will deliver sports equipment from our hire service free of chargé.

Gift Vouchers

Částka musí být mezi 500 Kč a 5 000 Kč
I am aware that the vouchers cannot be refunded


Centrální provozovna

Bedřichov 17
543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn

Ič.: 08012113 

Tel.: +420 605 034467



Hire Service

RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE HOTEL START ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN Bedřichov 17, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 50.7265808N, 15.6034347E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE SKIAREÁL HERLÍKOVICE Za Řekou 370, 543 02 Vrchlabí 50.6585539N, 15.5945361E OPEN
RENT SCOOTERS ŽALÝ / STANICE LANOVKY ŽALÝ BENECKO Benecko 94, 512 37 Benecko 50.6581211N, 15.5757492E OPEN
RENT BIKES AND SCOOTERS POSLŮV MLÝN DOKSY Doksy č.p. 976, 472 01 Doksy 50.5565506N, 14.6672100E OPEN
RENT BIKES AND SCOOTERS FAMILY KEMP BORNÝ DOKSY-STARÉ SPLAVY Doksy-Staré splavy, Borný, 472 01 Doksy 50°35'39.82"N, 14°39'0.75E OPEN
RENT BIKES AND SCOOTERS HOTEL LENKA ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN Svatý Petr 282, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 50.7194953N, 15.6174639E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE HOTEL VELVETA ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN Labská 110, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 50.6817583N, 15.5831128E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE HOTEL CLARION ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN Labská 111, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 50.7147294N, 15.5779419E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE HOTEL HARMONY ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN Bedřichov 106, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn  50.7302908N, 15.6013092E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE PENSION VLOČKA VRCHLABÍ Horská 420, 543 02  Vrchlabí 50.6478781N, 15.6059717E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE HOTEL PASSAGE STARÉ SPLAVY Jana Roháče z Dubé 112, 471 63 Staré Splavy 50.5859558N, 14.6295744E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE PARKHOTEL HARRACHOV Rýžoviště 485, 512 46 Harrachov 50.4544824N, 15.2648391E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE INFOCENTRUM STRÁŽNÉ Strážné 129, 543 52 50.6624144N, 15.6145631E OPEN
RENT BIKES SCOOTERS AND E-BIKE HOTEL MORAVA DOLNÍ DVŮR Dolní Dvůr 16, 543 42 Dolní Dvůr 50.6559294N, 15.6563806E OPEN



Hotel Start

Park Hotel


Hotel Horní Pramen

Hotel Lenka

Harmony Club Hotel



Hotel Diana

Hotel Velveta