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Our ski school is located in Hotel Start, Špindlerův Mlýn and in Herlíkovice. We are proud to use the latest Austrian teaching method and as you will see you will not only enjoy yourselves but also quickly master the basics of skiing. With our instructors, you will safely learn the basics of carving, freestyle or snowboarding in no time. For advanced skiers and snowboarders, we provide training in moguls, off-piste skiing or on our snow park obstacles. Our ski school is not intended primarily for beginners but also for advanced skiers who want to improve their technique even if only when buying new skis. With our perfecting exercises, we will help you get rid of bad habits. We offer the chance to test VIP skis from our test centre. If you are interested, we can pick you up and provide complete ski equipment and gear. This way you can indulge yourselves in skiing or snowboarding in the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic without concerns.

We are members of ACSI

Ski - two narrow boards in the spotlight for more than a century. Traces of skiing can be found in paintings that are 4-5 thousand years old. Originally, skis were used to transport material on snow. The sports activity as we know it today appeared many years later. In 1936, downhill skiing was first included in the Olympic games and in 1967, the annual Alpine Ski World Cup was established. ACSI is one of the highest quality training centres of ski instructors in the Czech Republic. Its base team includes more than 20 instructors with international scope of authority who regularly take part in international events. In ACSI classes you are guaranteed to get the best quality training currently available.


If you are interested, we can pick you up and provide complete ski equipment and gear.


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ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN - HOTEL START Bedřichov 17, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 50.7265808N, 15.6034347E +420 605 034 467

We provide a complete service – we will pick you up from the hotel, drive you to the nearest hire service, help you select the equipment, take you to the slopes and back.