We rent bicycles and scooters. We are particular about always renting them in excellent technical condition. Due to our extensive experience in complete cycle service, we will be glad to repair your bicycle, too.

We offer repairs of all types of bicycles, e-bikes and scooters, including servicing of suspension forks, hydraulic brakes, varnish, aluminium frames, etc. We will repair your brakes, gear shift, spokes and centre the rims. We replace and repair all bicycle parts. We will varnish your bike frame. We tailor-make bicycles and scooters to suit your wishes and requirements.

Thanks to our suppliers, we can offer you several brands of bicycles, e-bikes and scooters as well as all spare parts and cycling accessories. All that at excellent prices.

Have you no time to bring your bicycle for servicing? Never mind, we will collect it from your place and bring it back repaired.