We have planned an optimal trail near Špindlerův Mlýn for you.

The cycle route is suitable for everyone: cyclists, scooter riders or families with children. The route includes two cable car lifts and offers magnificent views of the countryside. It will take you through the unique nature of our highest mountains – the Krkonoše. Features of the route are adapted to a relaxed and safe downhill ride. In our experience, in case of a performance ride you can cover it in less than 2 hours. With a ‘family trip’ approach it takes up to 4 hours. If you hire a bike or scooter from us, the cable car in Herlíkovice is free of charge for you. While you are on the route, we guarantee complete bike assistance and if – for any reason – you decide not to go any further, we will come and take you back to where you started.


Apart from renting bicycles and scooters to individuals and families, we also focus on organising and ensuring school and company stays. We are skilled organisers used to dealing with large groups from different countries. Our activities focus on the area of the Krkonoše Mountains and Máchovo jezero (Mácha Lake). We cooperate with many accommodation providers and are able to offer accommodation at various levels and capacities. Accommodation prices combined with the selected sports programme are always highly favourable.

Our team comprises people with years of experience in tourism in the Czech Republic and in organising team building.

According to your requirements, we always prepare several variants to choose from. We are ready to elaborate an offer at an unbeatable price.

Come to us upon appointment; we will be glad to introduce a complete sports program to you. Alternatively, you can send your representatives who will try the program first-hand and will help you assess whether the offer will suit your team or school. This two-day presentation is free of charge and is only intended to give you an idea of the potential future activities we can organise for you, and for you to decide.

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